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As you can see from the name on my website I am Steven Koerts, I live in Netherlands and I am born on the 11th of october 1997. I have always had an interest of creating things, wether it is a real life product, a piece of software or a good story. If I need to describe myself in a few words I would say that I am: Creative, communicative and assertive. If you want to read more about me then go to the About section.
Currently at this moment I studying computer science at the "Hoge School van Rotterdam". What I like about programming is that you are really able to create something that other people can't. A computer is a device that almost everyone has in there homes, but there are only a few million of people who know how a computer works. So with knowledge about computer science you really know about something that is unique in this world. And that is what I like the most about the study.
First of all, offcourse I am intersted in computers and the way the think, I also like other activities like running and sailing. Another great passion of mine acting, I love the theatre, I like to stand on the stage and tell a story to the people. What I like the most about acting is that it gives me the chance to be someone else, what is it to be like to play a completly different character than myself. The way I see it acting can help me in my carreer as a programmer, when I have created an application and I need to present to the stakeholders. Than it really becomes handy that I know how to present my product that I created to the stakeholders.
The first programming languages that I learned were HTML, CSS and PHP, in my opinion these are basic languages you need to know to make a website. Later I learned Python, my first project with Python was to make a game with pygame. After I got more experienced with Python and a lot of searching on the web I discovered more exstensions for Python. This website for example is created with Python and help from the openscource framework Django. For the CSS I use another framework called Bootstrap, with those to Frameworks you can create verry awesome website.
Further I have a little knowledge about C# and Java, those languages are verry usefull for creating mobilephone applications, as you might see I am more intersted in the back-end side of programming, the way a system is supposed to opperate. When it comes to front-end developping I know a little bit of Javascript, but I rather prefer using a front-end framework, than building the Js and CSS from scratch.