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De reden voor het hiervoor is dat ik switch van hosting provider op dit moment wordt deze website gehost via Versio, dit was het goedkoopste hosting bedrijf wat ik kon vinden. Maar je ziet het misschien al aankomen ik heb een goedkopere hosting provider gevonden. Dat klopt, mijn nieuwe website wordt gehost via GitHub pages vanuit een public repository helemaal gratis, op die mannier heb ik alleen maar de kosten voor mijn domeinnaam en email adres. Ook is het beheer van de website veel eenvoudiger, als ik iets wil aanpassen kan ik dit doen door het pushen van de wijzigen naar GitHub via GIT, github desktop of GitKraken. Voor nu hou ik deze website nog online totdat het hosting pakket automatisch afloopt. Voor meer informatie over hoe ik die GitHub website gebouwd heb kijk op of op mijn GitHub voor de broncode.

About me (in short)
As you can see from the name on my website I am Steven Koerts, I live in Netherlands and I am born on the 11th of october 1997. I have always had an interest of creating things, wether it is a real life product, a piece of software or a good story. If I need to describe myself in a few words I would say that I am: Creative, communicative and assertive. If you want to read more about me then go to the About section.
Currently at this moment I studying computer science at the "Hoge School van Rotterdam". What I like about programming is that you are really able to create something that other people can't. A computer is a device that almost everyone has in there homes, but there are only a few million of people who know how a computer works. So with knowledge about computer science you really know about something that is unique in this world. And that is what I like the most about the study.
First of all, offcourse I am intersted in computers and the way the think, I also like other activities like running and sailing. Another great passion of mine acting, I love the theatre, I like to stand on the stage and tell a story to the people. What I like the most about acting is that it gives me the chance to be someone else, what is it to be like to play a completly different character than myself. The way I see it acting can help me in my carreer as a programmer, when I have created an application and I need to present to the stakeholders. Than it really becomes handy that I know how to present my product that I created to the stakeholders.
The first programming languages that I learned were HTML, CSS and PHP, in my opinion these are basic languages you need to know to make a website. Later I learned Python, my first project with Python was to make a game with pygame. After I got more experienced with Python and a lot of searching on the web I discovered more exstensions for Python. This website for example is created with Python and help from the openscource framework Django. For the CSS I use another framework called Bootstrap, with those to Frameworks you can create verry awesome website.
Further I have a little knowledge about C# and Java, those languages are verry usefull for creating mobilephone applications, as you might see I am more intersted in the back-end side of programming, the way a system is supposed to opperate. When it comes to front-end developping I know a little bit of Javascript, but I rather prefer using a front-end framework, than building the Js and CSS from scratch.