I am Steven Koerts(1997), I am born in Schiedam. Schiedam is a city I am verry proud of, I love everything about this city. Its buildings, its culture, the people and many many more. Further about myself, I like creating and building things everything from a real life product, software or a good story.
Currently I am studying computer science at the Hogeschool van Rotterdam. The thing I like the most about programming is the fact that you really are able to create something and that you can do something wich is unique in this world. Also it would be great to work on an app or a website that other people going to use, to help them make things easier in their lifes. ____________________________________________________________________________________
At the moment I have experience in programming languages such as Python and C#(.NET), those are my main languages and the ones I have used the most. I also know a little bit about the programming languages Java and PHP(this website is build with PHP), I do have basic knowledge about HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Software Engineer - Web developer - App developer - C#/.NET - Python



A little bit more about myself, ofcourse I like programming and creating things. That is the main reason why I chose for computer science(informatica). I was looking for a study that was both technical and creative, so this was the right place for me to be. I realy like to build stuff myself and it would be great to do it for a living, also how awesome is it to see other people use your product that you have created. Sometimes when I am in the subway I try to imagine that all those people who are busy on there phone are using my app. Besides programming I also like acting and the theatre, I like to visit the theatre once in a while. But I also like to play and act Read more...

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