Steven Koerts | Portfolio


I am Steven and I am currently studying computer science at the Highschool of Rotterdam. The reason why I choose for computer science is because here you are really learning to create something, like apps, games, websites and software. Further I think it is prety intresting the way computers work and how they opperate, also everyone is getting more and more dependent on computers. Think of everting arround us, from your smartphone in your pocket to the computer on your desk. We use it for everything, we use it to pay our taxes, to buy stuff online, for entertainment reasons, and to communicate to each other. With the fast growing computer industry the request for programmers is bigger than ever, so I see a lot of oppertunities with a carreer as a programmer. I am mostly interested in the back-end side of programming, all the things the software should do. For example this website is created with Python and the Django framework. The reason why I chose to do it in Python is because that is first programming language I learned in school and I was just wondering if you could do more with Python, besides maken console applications. The answer to that question was prety simple: Ofcourse you can make a website with Python and after a couple of google searches I stumbled uppon this framework called Django. I also looked for an easy way to get the entire layout of the website fixed, so did not have make the entire CSS from scratch, for this problem I found Bootstrap. A framework for CSS which makes styling verry easy. When must describe myself in a few words I would say that I am a enthusiastic teamplayer, who works with passion in almost every team. I am not afraid to forward my own idea's to the group, and when all the tasks seem te be done, I will find myself a task to do.

Futher about me, in my free time I like other activities such as running, cycling and sailing. I also like acting, I started acting when I was 12 years old at an amateur theatre school. The thing I like about acting is that you got the oppertunity to be someone else for a moment and when I am standing on the stage performing for other people I love every minute of it. Later I discovered how easy it actually is to get on a film set, so I have allready played in some movies as an extra on the background. When I compare film with theatre, I more prefer theatre. Because it means much more when the actors are performing in front of a live audience and every show can be little bit different from the previous one.