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A little bit more about myself, ofcourse I like programming and creating things. That is the main reason why I chose for computer science(informatica). I was looking for a study that was both technical and creative, so this was the right place for me to be. I realy like to build stuff myself and it would be great to do it for a living, also how awesome is it to see other people use your product that you have created. Sometimes when I am in the subway I try to imagine that all those people who are busy on there phone are using my app. Besides programming I also like acting and the theatre, I like to visit the theatre once in a while. But I also like to play and act myself. It is perfect way to express myself and it is realy something what I want me to keep continue doing. I have allready been on some TV series, as a featured extra. I started acting when I was 12 years old at an amature theatre school in Schiedam. I did a couple of productions and I still try to play as much as possible.

Allright enough about my acting carreer, lets get back to my programming skills. When it comes to programming I am mostly intrested in the back-end side of an application. The way something is build. I started programming with just HTML and CSS and later PHP and Javascript. When I started my study of computer science, I learned Python. I also learned more about open source frameworks such as pygame(an open source game engine). When I programmed in Python I was curious about how to build websites in an other way than I was used to. So started googling:"How to build a website in Python". I stumbled uppon a framework called Django and ended up with a new project from a week, when I build a website in Python. This helped me with the basic understanding of the MVC pattern and now I am also able to build website in other object oriented languages, such as C#. I have a little experience with C# Asp.Net. When it comes to styling from websites I rather use an open source CSS framework(i.e. Bootstrap) than building the CSS from scratch.

Right now I have good basic and basic understanding of object orriented programming and every day I am learning more and more about programming.